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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  September 21, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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this morning d.c. police were out in full force along new york avenue here in northwest, handing out tickets to drivers spotted talking or texting on their cell phones. 30 states and the district now ban texting and driving. the government's urging other states to do the same. kriste dahlgren has our story. >> reporter: ashley johnson was just 16 when retrieving a text was the last thing she ever did. on may 10th, her car careened across a highway, texting taking just more than her fe. >> it took darlene, what i was living for. she was the only kid i had. >> reporter: more than 5,000 americans died last year because of distracted driving. jaycee good's parents and her ability to walk without a cane. stolen from a young man on a cell phone on her graduation day. >> i went from the best day of my life to the worst place you can imagine being.
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>> report: 30 states and d.c. currently ban texting while driving. if the distracted driving summit in washington today, evidence it's not enough. >> if you're looking down at your texting device for four to five seconds you drive the length of a football field in a 4,000 pound unguided missile. >> reporter: trus and buses were the focus, a day after a bus driver was found reading his kindle behind the wheel. a texting truck driver hit nine cars. they're now pushing for nationwide laws. >> these people love and adore someone, how would they feel if they lost their heather? >> reporter: a question they hope all drivers now ask, but no more families hav to answer. kristen dahlgren, nbcnews. aoung green par summit
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candidate from our area hit by a car over the weekend has died. maryland state police say natas natasha pedigrew died from her injues. she was riding her bike when an suv struck her. the driver told police she didn't realize she hit a person until she gotome and still found the bike lodged beneath the vehicle. at this point the driver has not been charged in the case. in manassas, rginia, police are looking for a teenager they say stabbed a man outside a strip mall early this morning. an appraiser was taking pictures of the canterbury shopping center when two teens approached himp the teens asaulted and stabbed the man repeatedly before robbing him. nearby witnesses were able to scare the attackers off by blaring their horns. police arrested one of the suspects, a 15-year-old boy.
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he other suspect is still at large this afternoon, the victim is in stable condition? nine americans wre killed in a helicopter crash in afghanistan today. the crash happened in southern afghanistan, in a region where nato forcesre ramping up pressure on the taliban insurgents. the taliban immediately claimed responsibility. nato officials dismissed their claim, they say there were no reports of hostile fire. chief master sergeant richard lloyd etchborrow is an american hero. he was awarded the medal for l gallantry in war. he was selected for a classified mission. they ran a secret radar station on a mountain top in laos. when his three sons accepted the medal on his behalf today, president obama told the rest of
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the story. on march 11, 1968, the radar station was overrun with enemy fighters. soon he was the only man who had not been wounded or killed. finally a rescue helicopter arrived, one at a time he loaded the wounded into a chopper, repeatedly and deliberately placing himself in the line of fire. he got on board last. the helicopter was leaving the battlefield when it was hit by a burst of gunfire. because the mission was classified, his sons did not know the true nature of their father's mission. the mother did know. >> she had been sworn to secrecy, she kept that promise to her husband a her country, all those years. not ev telling her own sons. >> president obama said today ceremony was also a tribute to the extraordinary sacrifices of
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military spouses make on behalf of other nation. both good and bad news today for the housing industry, home constction rose by 10.5% in august. 598 applications for building permits also increased. the gains were mainly due to construction of apartments and condos, not single family homes. the condominium market saw a 32% monthly increase. three local communities had been named among the best in the nation for young people. america's promise alliance put alexandria virginia on the list for its programs that engage children and teens, including the alexandria youth council and the city's mentoring partnership. prince william county is cited for its youth leadership programs and investments in creating safe places for kids to
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go when they need help. calvert county, maryland made strides to improve its institution. the next couple of days tomorrow, then just beyond is going to feel a lot like july around the area. but this morning no july here, take a look at one of the coolest spots in the area this morning. mt. airy, maryland, the low temperature, 41 degrees. now at 78 degrees with a southwesterly wind. it's that southwest wind that will take hold tomorrow and really allow a lot of cities across the east to warm. the record high for tomorrow is 98 degrees, i do not think it's going to be that hot around here, b it's going to be a lot higher tn the average high of 78 degrees. right now in some of the locations, 79 degrees. capitol hill and shaw. you folks around oxon hill and
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greenbelt, 78 degrees. gaithersburg 77 degrees as well as fairfax rht now at 78. during the evening,we're going to drop to 76. we'll have lots of clear skies sticking around. no clouds to worry about, which is good news nsidering i think jupiter may be a little bit closer than it was last night. we have great image to show. 70 degrees by 110 p.m. it's not going to be nearly as cool as it was last night early this morning. very a clear night for jupiter. we ha fall to talk about too. it arrives tomorrow with a little bit of summer heat across the area. your four-day forecast coming up in a few. when news 4at 4:00 continues, genetically modified fish. what if anything should the labels say? officials are debating that now. older americans aren't taking the obesity problem lying down. how they're rededicating their ves to better health. sarah palin's daughter
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a move by senate democrats to repeal the military's don't ask don't tell policy, fell short when was blocked by republicans. the repeal would have allowed gay people to serve openly in the armed forces. steve handlesman ifollowing this story on capitol hill. >> i stand here today on two good legs agn as a proud gay marine. >> reporter: eric alva, one of the first u.s. warriors badly hurt in the iraq war. >> someone who served in battle, along with all the marines who knew i was gay. it did not matter. >> he got a medical discharge. but since don't ask, don't tell took effect in 1993, 13,000 men and women have been kicked out
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of the military. >> it's long pastime to repeal this policy which is unjust, unamerican, and extremely hurtful to the effectiveness of our military. >> reporter: rublicans blocked a vote. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> reporter: john mccain opposes repeal. >> the senate goes down this path, we would be ignoringhe views of the troops and casting aside the professional mility advice given by each of the four service chiefs. >> reporter: in fact, just before president obama awarded a medal of honor today, the marine he's chosen to keep in command of the core said don't letays serve openly let. >> we'reot quite sure what the impact will be on an all volunteer force. >> reporter: a bigger blow came from susan collins who backs repeal, but not to help democrats win more gay votes. >> now is not the time to play
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politics. simply because an election is looming in a few weeks. >> this isn't over. >> reporter: democrats are vowing to fight on. a majority of senators and pol indicate most americans want a repeal of don't ask, don't tell. steve handlesman, nbc news, capitol hill. >> in addition to don't ask, don'ttell, the second controversial issue has been added to the defense policy bill. harry reid said today that he will add the dream act to the bill. dream is an acronym for develop, relief and education of alien minors act. it should be passed because if provides a path to citizenship. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell caed the move in his words needlessly controversial. carrying too much weight can take a toll on your health and wallet. obese women will sndore than $8,000 a year in added expenses.
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that's according to a new report by gw university. overweight m will spend an extra $6500 annually. the costs are associated with things like medical re, disability, missed work and insurance. you may have heard the phrase, it's never too late to get in shape. nbc's todd johnson caught up with some seniors who are proving just that very point. >> reporter: at 73 yars old, marguerite is creating a diet and exercise plan. building healthy habits from the ground up. >> it's wonderful tosee we planted that from a small -- about two inches, and look, you see the size of i they're up to your knees or over. >> marguerite is one of a group of seniors rededicating their lives to regularexercise and healthy eating. they're clients of a brooklyn
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new york food pantry, collecting the food they need at every month at no cost. obesity can lead to heart disease, stroke and diabetes. the obesity rate for americans aged 65 and over has gone up from 22% more than 20 years ago, to 32% today. only about 1 in 5 people aged 65 and over, engages in relar physil activity. >> we had quite a few senior there's. not just exercising, but enjoying what they're doin they're really into the class, it's brought so much joy to me to see we could provide this service for free. >> reporter: the combination of a vegable hea indict and moderate exercise is working. >> i had a stroke one time. but i'm in good shape now. i try to take care of myself tter and better. >> since i was in the program, my diabetes is under control, my pressure ismoderate. >> reporter:marguerite says her days of eating fried foods and
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ice cream is history. she's lost weight and her diabetes is under control. >> we're hurting ourself es, we're hurting our children too. when we eat better, we can teach our children to eat better. >> reporter: proving that a healthy active lifestyle has no age. todd johnson, nbc news, new york. >> for more on your health, more on "nightly news" at 7:00. mass transit riders in maryland have a faster way to commute today, they're using a new version of the smart trip card called the charm card. it may be a chper option, even for commuters on metro. the charm card can be used on maryland's mtabus, subway and light rail system. the card wi also be accepted on metro and some regional buses, including ride on and the fairfax connecter. in turn, smart trip cards can be used wherever charm cards are
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accepted. the charm card will only cost 2.50. that's half the price of the smart trip card. you can buy them online for 10 bucks with 7.50 preloaded on the card. the commute is looking easier for riders of the bus in prince georges county. operators of that service say most of its bus routes are back in service today. about 100 drivers went on strike last week, looking for better health insance, lunch breaks and better pay. the bus is currently using drivers from other jurisdictions. stay right there, we have a lot more to come on news 4 at 4:00. the parents of the woman accused of faking an acid attack on herself are now speak out about the ordeal. ♪ and a survival story. amidst a bad budget situation. local librarians are singing a new tune.
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three months until christmas, right? and the hot holiday toy trends are starting to come in already. according to google, the nerf
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d stampede blast item will be the biggest searches this season. what else is on the list? for younger kids, there's mattel's sing-a-magig's, web searches for that toyave doubled since july. hard to think about christmas when it's cooking outside. >> or certainly will be. not so much today, but wi be coming up. >> and christm hpens in winter. we have to get to fall first. >> which arrives tomorrow, folks, if you didn't know. at 11:09 p.m., we know that as the autumnal equinox. uring that time the sun is directly above the earth's equator, resulting in equal time period for day and night, which happe on thursday. and, of course, the leaves will start changing color as opposed to just falling off from the
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lack of rain which we've had around here. we do have to tell you, in our seven-day forecast finally, have a pretty good chance of rain. the temperature right now at 79 degrees, the air still pretty dry with a south-southeasterly wind at 8 miles per hour. during the overnight here, with our clear excise again, great viewing for jupiter, we'll talk more about that. i have shots coming up, even some of the moons around jupiter that one of our weatheratchers sent in. it's not going to be nearly as low, those temperatures throughout the area. look at the heat, just to the south and west. 91 in cincinnati, 98 in memphis, memphis got up to 100 degrees yesterday, setting a new record. they'll do that once again. for wednesday, thursday, friday, big ridge of high pressure taking hold. cooling us off will be this cold front through wisconsin, and right through iowa. areas of northern missouri, that front sparking some
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thunderstorms right out ahead of it, it's the clash zone. several severe thunderstorm watches up through michigan and chicago. areas of northern month month, right around st. louis. the cold front for the next 48 hours is going to move slowly other way, and start to stall to the north of us. eventually moving through and cooling us down a bit for the weekend. wre not going to get much rain out of this weather system. i do think we will, with the one that comes behind it for suay. meanwhile in the tropics, igor is headed up to the canadian maritimes, then you have lisa, it's going to stay far out, probly curving up to the north and staying well east this time of bermuda. then there's this, what's happening in the eastern caribbean. area, cluster of showers and thunderstorms, good chance that this could develop further, and a lot of the guidance we've been looking at is hinting at something developing around the caribbean. gulf of mexico sometime next week, stay tuned, that area is typically where we see
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deelopment. this evening, bright night sky, it will be clearand comfortable as temperatures drop off from 80 to the low 70s. your morning, 62 to63, not as cool with a clear sky. tomorrow, it's going to be hot like july around here. the good news, it's not going to be sticky like july, right? so okay. we'll deal with a little bit of heat for wednesday, thursday and friday. it peaks on friday, we have93 degrees posted. there's a chance the temperatures could be higher, saturday up to 80 degrees, then again, we have a chance of rain, we'll show you the extded forecast, possibility for sunay and monday into next week. more than just a little spritz. >> you have a big picture coming up for us too? >>ot just jupiter, but the moons around jupiter. >> that's amazing. >> it is much. >> nbc's new fall season of shows is officially underway. and sitcom lovers are gearing up for big laughs. >> the family comedy parenthood
4:25 pm
returned last tuesday with record ratings, and it's back with a big edition to its cast. >> billy baldwin plays the main character's boss, he brings with him a share of romance and drama. baldwin said his chance to join the show's fun was no accident. >> peter krause was behind this in some way, shape or for. if you were behind this, i owe you aig squeeze and smooch. >> tune in tonight at 10:00 to feel the love. still to come on news 4 at 4:00, bed bugs. it's a growing problem. a problem growing so fast that experts have come together to hold a summit, this as a cal library is dealing with an infestation. do you think genetically modified fish should be labelled as such? if it's allowed to be sold in
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right here in this neiborhood, i grew up arning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've fren college tuition for ur years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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welcome back at 4:30, everybody. >> officials were crack down on distracted drivers today on new york avenue. this comes as the obama adnistration wants to ban truck drivers fromexting while hauling hazardous materials. ray lahood also wants to bar commercial bus and truck drivers from texting onhe job. and restrict train operators from using cell phones and mobile devices while on duty. a you political hopeful in our area has died. police tell us natasha pettigrew was riding her bike when an suv struck her. the driver who said she didn't realize she had hit a person has not been charged. a democratic party push to
4:30 pm
repeal the don't ask don't tell policy in the military failed today. republicans blocked the vote. one major roadblock came from susan collins. she supports the reply. collins implied democrats would use the issue to win in the fall. the housing gains were driven mainly by construction of apartments and condos at %. single family homes which represented about 73% of the market back in august grew just over 4%. bed bugs are popping up everywhere, across the country. now they've apparently invaded a local library. an item returned to the urbana library book drop showed evidence of bed bugs. the library has shut down their book drop while the problem is being treated. experts are holding a summit on
4:31 pm
bed bugs. kevin tibbles has more on that. >> hello, bed bug central, may i help you? >> report: america is a bed bug battleground. >> there's a lot of infestation spreading all across the board at this point. >> reporter: the empire state building,ew york's nike town, college campuses, movie theaters, libraries, a military base, even a hospital were all infested. >> bed bugs, they mht be on you right now. can you feel them crawling all over you? >> these blood suckersave been so prolific, chicago is hosting north america's first bed bug summit where experts in medicine and ex-termination need to plot the end of the invasion. their weapon, everything from a kryonite freeze gun to ice the little critters. >> i'mreezing the buggers. instant freze. >> reporter: to the insect inferno, where they fry them. >> instead of throwing your
4:32 pm
stuff away, let us heat treat it. >> reporter: to customized imn etrable covers. par sites like bed bugs also carry biting stigma. >> they look at you like you have a disease. and you feel like you do, you're getting eaten alive, it's horrible. >> rerter: sure, they're horrible, but one person's pest is another's picture. visitors to the summit could carry home a framed portrait. better on your wall than in your bed. >> wouldn't you like to get your hands on that? that was kevin tibbles reporting. the urna library i using a heated truck to get rid of its bed bugs, we'll have more on that coming up at 5:00. >> now i know what i'm getting you for the holidays. the fda is deciding whether genetically altered fish sold in
4:33 pm
super markets will have to labelled so. fda rules require no label if the agency decides that salmon has the same material make-up as conventional salmon. a federal advisory committee decided yesterday more testing is needed. the son of aretha franklin is recovering todayfrom a severe beating. eddie franklin was attacked at a gas station in northwest detroit last night. he was with a female friend. the two walked into theas stion, when they walked out, franklin was attacked. the woman drove him to the hospital, noord on a motive here. a spokeswoman for aretha franklin released a statement saying her son was attacked b three people, two men and a woman and he was undergoing mergency surgery. we have much more still to come.
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♪ these local lib rare yanz have become a youtube hit. staff at the central regional library made their own parody of "i will survive." you can see the entire video on our website,
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search library i will survive. more from the people behind the video getting national attention coming up right here on 23450uz at 5:0. pretty catchy, their own lyrics and they're spelling it out there for everyone. they doonsd. they dance too. i don't remember my liarians doing that. >> they should have some little kid pop out. >> it's cute. you have your eyes on the sky agn today. the quiz question is, how many moons does jupiter have? >> i said nine. >> most people think of it as only a handful. over the years there have been a lot discovered. we're up to 63 now. >> they multiemployed. >> they have. and we have a ral cool image to show you from one of our weather watchers in a minute. let's talk about the pollen count. it's down from yesterday. raeed, if you're sneezing,
4:39 pm
sniffling, the fact is, it's still above average. it's running at nine grains per cubic meter. there's a look at our clear sky. again the big story tonight. jupiter, it's going to be getting closer to us. you asked how big it is, it's 11 times wider than earth. look in the eastern sky tonight and the western skyt dawn. the next time it will get this close will be the year 2022. here's what we were talking about here. there's the image of jupiter in the middle and the four moons. these are the main ones, and that's the wy it looked when galileo saw it in 1610, those are called the galean satellites. and pretty cool from one of our weather watchers. i know he's going to be out there again tonight. you want to send in some images,
4:40 pm talked about the cool temperatures this morning, the ground moisture coming up, and a little bit of mist at meadow lark gardens. this is from rocky mountain national park. they have some fall color already. that's around the western entrance from kathy. clear skies overnight, 63 to 64. not nearly as nippy when we start out, coolest locations around frederick and winchester at about 53 to 54 degree you folks around manassas, you'll dip down to 55 and 59 degrees in fredericksburg during the overnight. hard to believe that this is tomorrow's high temperature. it's mid september. we're at 92 degrees for a high temperature. the average is 78. and t averages by the end of the week go to 76 degrees. here we are at 92 degrees. 91 for thursday, 93 for friday. yes, there's a front thas going to move through, i think
4:41 pm
any chance ofain is going to dry up with the front on thursday. our best chance of rain will come late sunda and throughout the day on monday. and it'sooking pretty good with the northeasterly wind. finally we can get more than a spritz, could get a pretty good drenching. >> and we're going to need it after the 90s. >> exactly. when news 4 at 4:00 continues, new information about the toll of cyber bullying on kids. will there be a second dance? bristol palin makes her debut on dancing with the stars. we have the pictures after the
4:42 pm
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
did you see it? bristol palin lacing up her dancing shoes. and paris hilton detained in tok tokyo. and bruno mars busted for cocaine possession. danella joins us to dish e dirt on the entertainmt world.
4:45 pm
>> hello, hello, hello. >> there's a lot going on in hollywood. >> there is. where should we start? >> bristol palin. >> that's the high note. bristol palin made her dancesing with the stars debut yestday. i know everyone was hoping to see her mom come and support her, that did not happen. i don't think she did the greast job, but i think america will probably keep her on. again, hoping mom sarah palin will come and support her daughter. she had lots of pizzazz and eney. i think maybe a little more coordination is in her future. >> practice, maybe? >> this is her first week and mom didn't show up. i wonder what mom's reaction was. she started out dressed like her mom, a politician. >> yes, yes. i love that distancing with the stars kind of does that had her make fun of her mom. and then with jennifer grey, they did a song from dirty dancing, it's nice to connect
4:46 pm
the star with the audience. i think her mom's going to laugh. remember she was on snl. she pokes fun at herself as well. you. >> gotta at this point, right? >> definitely. paris hilton's legal woes are following her everywhere. she left our country and was detained in japan. >> apparently japan has strict rules about letting felons into their country. they're holding her at a hotel. she's touring to promote her new line. when you get convicted of a felony, you know, any kind of drug convictions, it's very dangerous for you to travel overseas. people are always wondering, are you bringing drugs, what are you doing? >> this is part of herashion line? her court ensemble there? >> you have to keep with the look >> promote promote promote. she's supposedto go to
4:47 pm
indonesia and malaysia. we'll see what happens. hopefully she can get out of japan. bruno mars is the latest star arrested for cocaine. >> i don't understand. there is some random person that goes to vegas and hides with tons of cocaine on them and plants it on people. when paris was arrested, it's like, i don't know where the cocaine came from. bruno was found th 2.6 grams of cocaine. he was in a bathroom and a security guard found him with the dru and it was 2.6 grams. he's waiting to -- how is he going to get charged and what's going to happen with him. >> he's a millionaire or billionaire as the song goes. >> he might serve a little time. he's no pas, we'll see what happens. >> we will. thank youso much. >> tune in tomorrow morning d listen in. coming up, a hack attack on the popular media site btwitter.
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the national institutes of health released a report today on epression, involving children and cyber bullying, kids who were the victims of cyber bullying suffer more often from depression than those who are traditionally bullied or bullied in traditional ways. cyber bullying made the victims feel more isolated dumanized and helpless. >> reports stress that parents that get involved if their children are victims cer bullying is the best defense against depression. cyber bullies themselves are likely to suffer from depression. an alert today for twitter users. someone hacked into the micro blogging site. tweets would activate without anyone generating them. users are getting pop-up windows as they hover over several
4:52 pm
links. some have a malicious code that could takever poorly protected computers. the problem appears to be affecting the actualwitter site. third party users such as cell phone apps don't seem to be affected. the family of the woman accused of faking an acid attack speaks out about making things rit. and the emotional 911 call when a man is attacked by a bear in his own drive way.
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
the washington state woman who admitted splashing acid on her oace is now facing charges. she claims she was the victim of a vicious acid attack. now she's admitted the whole
4:56 pm
thing was a hoax. the community was duped, donating nearly $30,000 to help pay her medical bills. her parents pledged to make things right. >> all money will be returd in the appropriate manner. that will be guaranteed. >> she has a long road ahead of her. she's on the road and we're going to walk it with her. >> police say storro will be arrested right now she's still recovering in the hospital. a city councilman from bellevue washington is recovering tonight from being attacked by a bear. it happened near his vacation home in a rural part of the state last week. now the dramatic 911 tape with his wife calling for help has been release here's george lewis. this is where the bear attack, the vacation home near lake wenatchee, washington. the victim 58-year-old john
4:57 pm
shelmaniac. >> there was no one there, i was screaming for help. no one was there. >> his wife saw the attack and called 911. >> 911, what's the location of your emergency? >> north shore, and my husband's been attacked by a bear. >> your husband's been attacked by a bear? >> yeah. he's at the bottom of my drive way. >> it was paying back and forth on the road, and i just kept my flashlight on that bear. >> atne point john can be heard on the tape calling for help. >> help. >> he says he's dying. >> he had bite marks on his face, head and neck, and numerous puncture wounds all over his body was hospitalized. >> he's getting better and better, it's remarkable. >> neighbors were surprised by the br's addressive behavior. >> black bears aren't usually dangerous. >> reporter: people should never asme that black bears won't attack and should keep their
4:58 pm
distance from the animals. the overturned garbage cans near the councilman's vacation home are evidence of recent bear activity. the bear involved in this attack was tracked down by authorities and killed. george lewis, nbc news, los angeles. >> that does it for news 4 at 4:00. news 4 at 5:00 starts right now. scary moments outside a strip mall in virginia after a property appraiser is stabbed in broad daylight. one suspect is in custody, but the search continues for his accomplice. good afternoon. >> the dramatic scene unfolded this morning in manassas, virginia. theictim was taking photos tside the canterbury shopping
4:59 pm
center on suddly road when two men apprached him and demanded money. pat collins is live with details on the attack and the arrest. >> good samaritans honking their horns break up an armed robbery here and may well have saved the victim's life. the scene, the canterbury strip mall, manassas. all sorts of stores and establishments here. a pizza place, a dentist's office, a child care center. it was anything but business as usual this morning. >> wha was it like here? >> pretty crazy. >> a lot of people running around tryingto figure out what was going on, and they were trying to help the person that was injured. >> on the backside of the shopping center this morning, a property appraiser is ou taking pictures of the building. he's approached by two young
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